Sunday, June 6, 2010

Liam's Sleeping Music

We've recently attempted to remove Liam's night time music from his sleep routine. Liam had 3 albums that he listened to over the past 6 months to help him sleep, and each would play continuously until the morning when he woke. Sadly, it doesn't seem to make a difference anymore and this summer the air conditioner would have drowned out the music anyway, so they've been retired. So as a tribute to his 3 albums, here are my reviews of them. I think I have the best perspective on them anyway, since I've heard them hundreds of times.

Baby Einstein's Music Box Orchestra - Legendary classical songs done in a gentle, baby-friendly style. The music is relentlessly gentle, as formerly powerful songs by Beethoven, Bach and Mozart are performed on toy pianos and high pitched synthesizers. The songs are obvious classics, the CD could not be more baby friendly, but there is not a lot here for adults. 3 out of 5 baby stars

Brian Eno's Music For Airports - This legendary ambient album might seem a little too "hipster" for baby sleep time, but this music is so lulling and gentle that it instantly puts babies to sleep. Most people who have heard of this album haven't actually heard it, but as a quick description it's really sparse piano music with a few slight synthesizer touches. It's a lot easier to take for adults than Baby Einstein, but I still must admit that it's not exactly the most exciting album in the world. 4 out of 5 baby stars

Helios's Eingya - Easily my favorite Liam album. Gentle, smooth instrumentals from a rock band that doesn't really rock. Helios has a traditional band structure (guitar/bass/drums) but blends those elements in a really beautiful, lulling way. While it might have more dynamics as an album than Liam's other bedtime jams, it flows in such a perfect manner that it never once woke him up. Great for babies, great for adults. 5 out of 5 baby stars.

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  1. As he gets older, you might want to check out Ellis Paul's album, Dragonfly Races. It's great music for kids that doesn't sound like it's for kids. I've been a long time fan of his, and when he came out with the album, I got it right away for my niece, but I listen to it too!