Saturday, October 17, 2009

12 week giggles

Liam has reached what is possibly his most amazing milestone yet (aside from sleeping through the night)...LAUGHING! It's not quite a full-blown belly laugh just yet, more like an adorable high-pitched squeaky giggle. He did it a few times last week for his daddy, I finally got him going last night, and now he's on a roll. He loves laughing at himself in the mirror, he loves laughing when I dance Elaine Benes-style for him, and he especially loves it when you unzip his onesie before a diaper change (something about the process of getting naked? who knows).

Liam will be 12 weeks tomorrow and the fussy stage is coming to an end. Everyone told me my "high needs" baby would change around 3 months, and they were right. He's turning into a smiley, happy, pleasant kid who now really only cries when he's hungry or tired, or sometimes just really, really wants to be held. And all I can say is, I am in LOVE with this kid. He is my world. I can't believe that he was ever not a part of our family.

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