Saturday, December 19, 2009

That's how he rolls

Yesterday Liam mastered one of his most exciting milestones yet -- rolling over! He's been able to flip over onto his back for awhile now, but I don't know if that counts -- I think "rolling over" really means going from back to tummy, right? He hadn't had much interest in doing it aside from the occasional half-hearted back-arching, so imagine my shock when I got a call from my mom (who watches him on Fridays) telling me that he just did it 5 times in a row!

I joke about putting him through "boot camp" to get him to roll, but we've really been working hard to get him more comfortable on his stomach over the past few weeks, and obviously it's made a difference. Now that he's learned to roll over, the kid won't stay on his back! He's rolled over at least 20 times so far today, both to his left and his right. Of course Brad and I make a huge deal of it every time, so I almost think he's just doing it to get a reaction out of us. Once he pushes himself up on his stomach, he gets a huge grin on his face and screams in delight. It's the cutest thing -- I need to post a video.

Rolling over is the precursor to the milestone I'm NOT looking forward to -- army crawling. Our house is so un-babyproofed it's not even funny!

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  1. How exciting!

    I call tummy time "baby boot campt" too!